• Wissmach Fusible Glass COE 96-52: Red Transparent



    • Polish top/ Smooth bottom finishes
    • 3mm Thickness
    • Available sizes: 6x6 and 8x10 (Larger custom sizes may be available upon request)
    • Manufactured by The Paul Wissmach Glass Company

    Wissmach COE 96 glass is a high-quality fusible glass manufactured in the US. Using a double rolled technique, it features polish top and smooth bottom surfaces which makes it easier to have a clean cut. Ideal for jewelry making, fusing glass, stained glass, mosaic glass, and many more fun projects!

    Disclaimer: The image shown above is not intended to reflect the actual glass piece(s)/sheet(s) of your order. Each glass is hand-cut and represents a small and unique portion of the manufacturer’s whole size sheet. Thus the photo image is only meant to exhibit a general idea. The display setting of your electronic device may also alter the image, including the color and texture. The dimensions can vary by up to 1/8”. Round corners with factory rolled edges may also appear.