Thanks for visiting Sun and Moon Stained Glass Co. online store. Based in Southern California, we ship our products domestically and internationally, serving a wide variety of artists, artisans, and art studios. We hope you have a great shopping experience here. If there is anything we can be of assistance to your new or ongoing projects, please let us know.

Aside from our e-commerce entrepreneurship, we enjoy working on commission projects for our clients in the US as well as overseas. Stained glass window panels and tiffany style lamps, expressed in abstract forms, are the most beloved work we do. As a principal artist, I would like to share my personal story and philosophy:

Led by the path of the sun, I walked on a long journey. From where I was born, East, to Russia's vast land, I settled to be for more than a decade. When I traveled to Italy as a stranger, I had a glimpse of abundant ancient cultural remains through my eyes and a soft touch of dark-roasted espresso in my mouth; I was mesmerized by the taste of life. Now calling California my "home," I begin a new chapter of my life. 

I used to marvel often at the exuberance of sunrise in my youth. My heart now surrenders helplessly in the ecstatic beauty of a sunset. I unpacked all my belongings, after all. When the sunset reveals its glorious face and its fiery splendor draws near the moonrise, I witness a sacred encounter, a new genesis of beauty.

In the eyes of a glass artist, such magnificence is revived in the mingling of natural light through a magical spectrum of stained glass. Like a mother who gives birth to her child, I create my passion, love, and beauty in the medium of glass art. I refer to my work as an "art of aesthetics" because I seek to be an author of beauty. I believe that the more beauty we find and create in this world, the more peaceful and good our life will be. I wish my work is seen as an instrument that projects the goodness and beauty of this world. 

Peace & All Goodness to you,

                                                                                                                        Photo by D. K.