Thanks for visiting Sun and Moon Stained Glass Co. Based in San Francisco East Bay, we are a stained glass supplies online store. We ship our products both domestically and internationally. As the owner of the company and a stained glass artist myself, I also offer custom design works to local and international clients. I love creating window panels and tiffany style lamps, expressed in abstract forms especially.

Enjoy your shopping at our shop. Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any assistance to your new and ongoing projects. Lastly, I  would like to share my personal philosophy:

I walked on a long journey. From East, where I was born, I was led by the path of the sun and settled in the vast Russian soil. A decade passed, then I traveled to Italy. With a sip of dark espresso, I had a glimpse over the rich and ancient culture which sparked my love for art. Finally, I arrived in the Bay Area, Northern California, to which I now call “home”--a new chapter of my adventure. 

In my youth I frequently marveled at the vibrant energy released by the rising sun. Now my helpless heart surrenders in the ecstatic beauty of Berkeley Hills sunsets; they made me unpack after all. The sunset reveals its glorious face in the evening. As the fiery splendor draws near the moonrise, a new genesis awaits. In this sacred encounter, an eye of an artist sees the passionate sun rays that are reborn. 

Such an accidental beauty is likewise recapitulated when the natural light mingles through the magical spectrum of stained glass. As the mother who gives a birth to a child, I create my own beauty, passion, and love—the art of stained glass. Hence, my work is an “art of aesthetics.” I seek to be an author of beauty. It is my belief that the more beauty we see and create, the more peaceful and good our dwelling will be. I wish to offer my work as a medium that portrays goodness and beauty of this world. 

Peace & All Goodness to you,

                                                                                                                        Photo by D. K.