Stained Glass Supplies Tools kit (7 Items)

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Stained Glass Supplies Tools (7 Items)

  1. 1. Nicks Grinder's Mate

Grips glass firmly / moves smoothly/ Improve grinding speed/  Frees hands for supporting glass/ Protects finger tips

  1. 2. Fletcher 8” Running Plier

Snapping for glass/ Professional quality pliers that break-out or nip glass up to 1/4" (6mm) thick.

Made of lightweight plastic / Made in U.S.A.

Size: 8" Long with 1" Jaw. 

  1. 3. Plier, Breaker Grozier Dragon 

A 6" curved jaw plier for breaking and Grozing.

  1. 4. Lead & Glass Stop Blocks for lead came stained glass work.

50 pieces (2 Bags)

  1. 5. Horseshoe Nails

Horseshoe Nails for lead came stained glass work and work well with Lead & Glass Stop Blocks shown image. 50mm Long. /100 nails 

  1. 6. Glazing Hammer

Glazing Hammer used for setting glass and nails. etc./ 9.5 in Long.Fletcher's "G/T" Designer II Pencil Grip Cutter / Made in USA

  1. 7. Lead Pattern Shear

Lead Pattern Shear is like a pair of scissors with three blades.

The center blade removes .072 or slightly more than 1/16".