Photo Fusing Paper - White

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 Pack contains 8-1/2" x 11" each sheets.

This product can used to create fusible decals from laser-printed artwork.

See the instructions (included)


To successfully transfer images, a certain printer is required. All CANON and most HP* BLACK ONLY LASER printers that have at least 30% iron oxide in their onboard toner cartridges. Iron oxide is what makes the image work and is why the images always fire to a sepia or reddish-brown. *As of 2019 some HP Black-Only laser printers do not contain the necessary iron oxide or ferrite. Check that your toner cartridge has 30% iron oxide. Check HP's or Canon’s MSDS site to check the ingredients of your toner by clicking below.

* Note: For best results, use the decals on light colored glass. The black laser-printed images will fire to a sepia tone.