Glastar ALL STAR G8 Glass grinder

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Designed and precisely crafted for safe, trouble-free operation, the Glastar unit features these unique advantages:

- A work surface 20% larger than any other grinder.

- A motor which produces 67% more torque than its nearest competitor (motor speed 1/9 HP, 3569 RPM).

- 42 inch-ounces breakdown torque.

- Permanent split capacitor motor design, which results in smoother and quieter operation.

- A glass eye shield with 8"x9" lens that is more scratch-resistant than plastic lens.

- Pernamently "borded" diamond grinding surface on the 1" main grinding head and the 1/4"grinding/drilling head.

- Roller-type adjustable straight edge guide.

- Convenient coolant drain.

- Flexible rubber splash guard. Exclusive built-in accessory.

- U.L. Approved.

- 115 Volt Standard

* Glastar Grinder GR-8-220 "ALLSTAT" - 220 volt special order only, specify country.