• 11 Item Stained Glass Supplies Beginner Kit: Grinder (G14) included

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    Beginner Kit (11 Items, Grinder G14 included)

    Glastr Dimond Star Grinder (G14)

    • The same high-quality standards developed for Glastar's professional grinders have been applied to the Diamond Star to provide all the power and performance features you need, in one economical, conveniently compact machine.
    • Powerful 1/18HP, 3450 RPM motor
    • 115 Volt standard
    • 14 inch-ounces breakdown torque
    • Long-lasting 3/4 plated grinding head.
    • Convenient coolant drain
    • Flexible rubber splash guard.
    • Exclusive built-in accessory drawer
    • U.L. approved
    Soldering Iron 
    • 120v
    • 100 watt
    Toyo's Brass Pencil Grip Pattern Cutter
    • Oil reservoir brass handle glass cutter-comes with small narrow carbide wheel for general purpose pattern cutting
    • Cutter heads are replaceable with Toyo's Pattern Head (Toyo TC-10) or Toyo's Straight Cutting Wide Head (Toyo TC-17)
    Fletcher Running Plier
    • Snapping for glass
    • Professional quality pliers that break-out or nip glass up to 1/4" (6mm) thick
    • Made of lightweight plastic
    • Made in U.S.A.
    Stained Glass Breaker/Grozer

    Novacan Black Patina For Lead & Solder (8 Oz)

    • Rich black patina with excellent adhesion for both lead and solder
    Novacan Old Masters Flux (8 Oz)
    • Flux for soldering
    • A general purpose flux contains zinc chloride
    Amerway 60/40 Solder (1 LB Spool)
    • 60/40 solder is 60% tin, and 40% lead and tends to form rounder, higher beads, which makes it ideal for copper foil projects and lamps. So, 60/40 is the best selling alloy in the stained glass field. It offers superior flow over 50/50 with more flow per inch than 50/50.
    Venture 7/32" Copper Back Copper Foil (2 Rolls)
    • 1.0 mil thick
    • 7/32 IN X 36 YDS (5.56mm X 33 M)
    Assorted Stained Glass (10 sheets of 4”x4”)
    • Assorted textures
    • Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass and/or Wissmach Glass
    Flux/ Chemical Brush (2 Pack)
    • 6" tubular steel handle with horsehair fill
    • Small brush is ideal for applying flux, patina, etching cream, and other chemicals