Stained Glass Supplies Beginner Kit C(11 Items, includes Glass Grinder G14)


Beginner Kit 1 (Glass Grinder G14 included)

  1. Glass Grinder Dimond Star (G14)

  • The same high quality standards developed for Glastar's professional grinders have been applied to the Diamond Star to provide all the power and performance features you need, in one economical, conveniently compact machine.

  • Powerful 1/18HP, 3450 RPM motor

  • 115 Volt standard

  • 14 inch-ounces breakdown torque

  • Long-lasting 3/4 plated grinding head.

  • Convenient coolant drain

  • Flexible rubber splash guard.

  • Exclusive built-in accessory drawer

  • U.L. approved

  1. Weller Soldering Iron SPG-80

  • Wattage up to 900 degrees (120V)

  • Comes with high quality 1/4" and 3/8" iron clad tips

  1. Toyo's Brass Pencil Grip Pattern Cutter

  • Oil reservoir brass handle glass cutter-comes with small narrow carbide wheel for general purpose pattern cutting

  • Cutter heads are replaceable with Toyo's Pattern Head (Toyo TC-10) or Toyo's Straight Cutting Wide Head (Toyo TC-17)

  1. Fletcher 6” Running Plier

  • Snapping for glass

  • Professional quality pliers that break-out or nip glass up to 1/4" (6mm) thick

  • Made of lightweight plastic

  • Made in U.S.A.

  1. Stained Glass Breaker/Grozer

  1. Novacan Black Patina For Lead & Solder (8 Oz)

  • Rich black patina with excellent adhesion for both lead and solder

  1. Novacan Old Masters Flux (8 Oz)

  • Flux for soldering

  • A general purpose flux contains zinc chloride

  1. Amerway 60/40 Solder (1 LB Spool)

  • 60/40 solder is 60% tin, and 40% lead and tends to form rounder, higher beads, which makes it ideal for copper foil projects and lamps. So, 60/40 is the best selling alloy in the stained glass field. It offers superior flow over 50/50 with more flow per inch than 50/50.

  1. Venture 7/32" Copper Back Copper Foil (2 Rolls)

  • 1.0 mil thick

  • 7/32 IN X 36 YDS (5.56mm X 33 M)

  1. Assorted Stained Glass (10 sheets of 4”x4”)

  • Assorted textures

  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass and/or Wissmach Glass

  1. Flux/ Chemical Brush (2 Pack)

  • 6" tubular steel handle with horsehair fill

  • Small brush is ideal for applying flux, patina, etching cream, and other chemicals