6 Sheet Spectrum Glass ARTIQUE Pack (8"X10")

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6 Sheet Spectrum Glass Artique Pack

Size: 8"x10" Sheet
Category: Single Color, Transparent
Texture: Texture
Opacity: Transparent

What is Artique?
The Artique Glass is one of the product categories of Spectrum sheet glass with high and smooth quality. Spectrum calls it scribed antique glass because the texture is literally scribed into the glass surface immediately after sheet forming while the glass is still extremely hot and pliable. Artique was developed to bring the look of the re-creation of the spirit and character of mouth-blown antique glass without the hefty price tag. The characteristic striations are active from every perspective, evident and unmistakable, even in smaller pieces. As single color, transparent, and textured glass, they make great backgrounds as well as suncatchers and provides the excellent light transmission with little distortion.

The actual glass sheet may vary from the photo. The photo image is meant to reflect the general idea of its color and texture. Also, the display setting of your electronic device may alter the image, the color and/or the texture of glass. All glass sheets are hand-cut and their dimensions can vary by up to 1/8”. The corner or side may be chipped off.